Setting up the more advanced parameters of your Welcome page

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Here are mentioned the setting for the Welcome page, which are the same for all the Welcome page types (advertising, standard,...). The funcions mentioned below can be set up by clicking on Detailed parameter settings (no. 1 on the following picture).


Time restriction for the Welcome page presentation

Welcome page will be shown only at a specific time. Through this option, you can set up multiple Welcome pages and show a different Welcome page at a different time of day. Or for example, set from which to which date is an invitation or an offer going to be presented to the users.

Turn on the Time restriction option (1). Here, you can set up the day span, during which the welcome page is going to be shown (2), or set the time restrictions in individual days.

Blocking the internet connection

In some cases, it might be helpful to not show the option to connect to the internet and use Netspot as a Welcome page distributor (basically a menu, offer list, etc.; either for your own purposes or for advertisers purposes). This can be helpful when your business is closed for example - this will allow you to control who and when can connect to your WiFi.

To hide the option to connect to internet, just turn off the option Connecting to internet (1).

We recommend to use this option in combination with the time restriction option (as mentioned above), because your customers would not be particularly happy if you would not allow them to connect to the internet.

Adjusting the condittions of WiFi usage

When connecting to the internet, your customers agree to the terms and conditions of your WiFi network use. Their wording is standardised but can be changed in section - Modifying the terms of use (1).


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