Instructions for Netspot installation (cennection)


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Package content

  • Netspot device
  • Power supply adapter for the Netspot device
  • Network cable (circa 1m)
  •  “Free WiFi internet” sticker (it is usualy put on the front window of your business)


Terminology explanation:

∙ Netspot device is a software modificated WiFi router. On the back side of the device is,

besides other things, located the On/Off switch, adapter connection conector, 1 blue WAN

port used for connecting to the root of internet and 4 yellow LAN ports (marked 1­4) used

for the connection of other devices to the Netspot device (unless the Netspot has switched

ports, installation example number 3).*

∙ Root router is a device, which is connected as first within the network. In most cases is

this device provided by the internet supplier (for example by a mode), in other case, it can

act as the main router, from which is the computer network further spread.

∙ Switch is a device, which handles the problem in case of a shortage of free LAN ports by

expanding their capacity.

∙ Restart is a temporary disconnection from the electricity supply. This action can be done

through the On/Off switch or by unplugging the device from its adapter.

∙ Switching the ports: When the QSS button is pressed for about 8 seconds, the switch

functions are replaced. This causes the WAN and LAN ports on Netspot to switch. This

way you can add other network elements to the Netspot device, without the need of a

switch. This kind of a port switch can be identified by locating the lid ... or ... diode. The

meaning of other diodes, on the Netspot device, can be found on

In case we wanted to connect other devices to the Netspot network (for example a enhanced WiFi

transmitter) we can do so by plugging them into the WAN port on Netspot. This kind of a

connection is helpful in cases, where you know, that the Netspot network will not be further

expanded (LAN port is in this case only one).

I want to build a new network with the use of several Netspot devices.

This method fits best to bigger areas, in which there can be obstacles that could decrease or limit the

strength of the signal. Here we are dealing with a more complicated connection, which requires a set up

from our technicians. For more information, please visit


Possible complications:


What to do, in case of a failed Netspot instalation ?

Connect evey device to its previous state and everything should work as before.

For the actuall Netspot connecting process, please contact your IT administrator, or the Netspot

provider, you can also use our technical support and arrange a visit with our technician, so that he

can connect it for you.

I have conected the Netspot device into a free LAN port, I conected it to the WiFi network,

but the internet connection is not working (the welcome page will not load).

It most cases, the device that you connect your Netspot to, is specifically configured, and there for

it is unable to join the internet network. In case you are experiencing this problem, you need to

contact a technician, who configured your device, to reset said LAN port. You may also ask the

technician, in which port to connect the device.

Before the actual Netspot installation

Before you start the installation, it is necessary to check the overall network structure. In some

cases, the network is so complicated that uncareful manipulation, without a previous check, can

defunctionize a part of the network.

Please check where the external devices, such as computers, printers, cameras, etc., are

connected to, optionally, how the payment terminals are communicating. If possible, always set

up the Netspot connection so, that any of the current network elements are not reconnected, while

at the same time, non of them is connected directly into the Netspot device.

If you are unsure about your capability to correctly connect our Netspot device, we

recommend you to contact your IT administrator. Optionally, we can also have our

technician set it up for you. (The installation can be charged for, for more information,

please contact us at


Connecting the Netspot device into network

Connect you Netspot device through one of these 5 ways, according to the specific conditions of

your business.

1. I only have the network cable, which is our main source of internet,

at my disposal.

This cable is lead from the root router, to which you have not access. Connect this network cable

to WAN port located on the Netspot device.

2. I only have access to the root router, which has at least one free LAN.

This router can act as a source of WiFi signal, but can also spread the internet connection using

just the cables. There for, we plug the network cable (it is included in the self installation package)

into a free Lan port, located on the root router, and into a WAN port ,located on the Netspot

3. I have access to the root router, but do not have a free LAN port (I

need a switch):

Exactly for this reason, there is an option to switch the LAN and WAN ports on the Netspot device

(as can be seen on the previous page). This function makes sure that Netspot is operating as a

classical switch.

One of the devices, which are connected to the root router, have to be unplugged, for we have to

use thier space to connect Netspot to the root router, while plugging the cable into one of the LAN

ports, located on the Netspot device. Now connect the device, which we have unplugged from the

root router, to one of the remaining LAN ports on Netspot.

4. I already have a WiFi distribution device which is not a seed router.

A) You can keep your WiFi router for your personal use ­ use it for internal internet spread

purposes (a private, locked network to which your customers do not have access).

In that case, connect the Netspot into a free LAN Port on your root router, or the router, used for

WiFi connection spread.

We recommend you to change the password on the previous WiFi router, which you will probably

use for your internal purposes, so that your customers will not automatically connect to it, but are

forced to connect to the newly created Netspot WiFi network.

B) If you do not wish to keep your current WIFi router, you can exchange it with the Netspot

device, by plugging the network cable into the Netspot device. Through this reconnection, the

Netspot device will be directly connected to the root router.

5. I already have a build WiFi network, which I wish to keep using for

the internet spread funcion, in my business.

The device, which acts as the initial source of your WiFi signal, has to be reconnected to the LAN

port, located on Netspot. You then have to connect Netspot to the LAN port on your root router.

Here, it might be necessary for you to change the settings of the current routers ­ for example,

unlocking your, previously password protected, WiFi network, etc.

Warning, the Netspot device has DHCP turned on ­ assigning an IP addresses to connected

devices. It is necessary, for the Netspot device, to handle the underlying Netspot network. Were

there to be other enhancing devices connected to the network (transmitters), they must not have

the DHCP on (if the device is capable of this functionality and if it was ever on) and the device

must be connected on the same line layer (e.g. Netspots LAN port with the LAN port enhancer).

It is necessary, for the mutual diagnostic or management of these enhancing devices, to setup a

static internal IP adress in the range of The functionality of roaming, between

Netspot and the enhancing device, will be ensured, if the SSID of all the WIFI transmitters

involved is identical.

Summary: The internet cable has been successfully plugged into the LAN port on Netspot, as

well as other devices, which are supposed to be directly connected to the root router (Directly to

the internet network, not through a free underlining Netspot network).

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