Frequently asked questions - use of Netspot

Questions regarding the connection of Netspot and the set up of more complex parameters can be found  here.
Nerozumíte nějakému výrazu (například welcomepage)? Možná Vám pomůže  If you do not understand some of the technical terms used (for example Welcompage), you can visit Dictionary of technical terms.




Can I combine the presentation of my personal messages with the welcome page advertisement?

Indeed, the presentation of the welcome pages can be combined arbitrarily.

You can also change your presentation according to the time of day or the day itself - this way, you can, for example, set it up, so that it shows your own messages during lunch time and advertisement in the afternoon and evening.
You can for example have two welcompages - one with your own message,and one with advertisement. You can then set then time and date in which this presentation should be shown.

You can also show multiple messages on multiple slides.


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